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Silver on a Tight Budget

17 Dec 2020, 02:18 GMT+10

If you are the kind of person who simply cannot get enough when it comes to silver jewellery or alternatively you are a reseller looking for high-quality silver jewellery without the need to break the bank, the information provided here should answer all your questions.

The appeal and popularity of silver in recent years has grown significantly due to its widespread use in different kinds of jewellery, from rings to neck chains. Part of the appeal of silver has to do with the fact that sterling silver is inexpensive, you can offer beautiful silver on a budget, especially when compared to other precious metals such as platinum and gold.

For the fashion forward youth of today who may be looking to achieve a sophisticated look by accessorizing with jewellery, sterling silver meets virtually all the criteria with regards to durability, affordability, as well as flash.

Sterling silver alongside brass are statistically by far some of the most sought-after materials used in the manufacturing of jewellery today. The demand is due to various reasons, which are discussed below.

First, sterling silver is durable - it is capable of maintaining its finish and form for decades without breakage or wear. Secondly, it is corrosion-resistant. Thirdly, it is a highly workable material that's capable of withstanding the rigors involved in working it into a finished piece of jewellery.

The 3 reasons above alongside many others make it the default choice for those looking for inexpensive materials to use in jewellery production. Silver is currently priced around $14 for an ounce, which makes it better than other options when it comes to cost-value ratio.

Sterling silver, is by nature, usually constructed through the formation of an alloy by mixing molten silver and copper. The fraction of copper contained is usually minimal in comparison to that of actual silver.

If you are a trader, purchasing silver jewellery wholesale is usually the best option. Firstly, due to the power associated with making bulk purchases, the price per unit of each piece is reduced drastically, sometimes to half of what you would have otherwise been required to pay had you bought the items in smaller quantities.

If you select the high-grade, adequately certified sterling silver products, you can be sure that each of the items that's part of your shipment adheres to the same standard of quality as well as manufacturing standards.

Now, you might be wondering, what are some tips for ensuring that you get affordable yet high-quality sterling silver jewellery with every purchase that you make? Well, here are some pointers to help you along the way.

First, you must always ensure that each piece of silver jewellery that's part of your purchase bears the '925' marking. It is the best quality of sterling silver that's currently available in the market and this marking provides physical proof that the item has been certified as adhering to the highest possible sterling silver quality standards.

Manufacturers sometimes try getting around this by stating that the pieces are of 'high quality'. However, you should know that there isn't any objective quantification of either low or high quality when talking about sterling silver.

The absolute peak feature you need to look for in terms of quality assurance is that '925' marking. It may also be written as .925 and the meaning remains the same in either form. 925 quality sterling silver is usually not more expensive.

Ensure that you steer clear of pieces marked with the word 'EPNS' since this denotes that sub-par quality sterling silver has been used. EPNS stands for electroplated nickel silver, which usually means that you are working with a nickel substitute fabricated to resemble silver.

To get the best prices on a wholesale shipment, always ensure that you consult an appraiser. Their services are usually not expensive and if you are dealing with a large purchase, a thorough appraiser can help verify the quality of the purchase and estimate a commensurate price for the materials.

Always ensure that you talk to the seller. When buying wholesale, it is always a good idea to have a conversation with the seller either on the phone or in person. It will help you be informed regarding the quality of sterling silver used, its source, and the jewellery designs being offered.

It will ensure that you only get what you pay for and that you will purchase products you can sell to customers. Always be on the alert and watch out for signs of seller integrity and authenticity. A physical location usually means that it is a genuine seller you are dealing with who has experience in the business.

Whenever possible, avoid making such purchases online. The online marketplace is full of fraudsters posing as genuine wholesale dealers.

In conclusion, it would be highly inaccurate to claim that it isn't possible to buy good quality sterling silver jewellery at wholesale. You simply need to know where to look. Ensure that you are always informed and using the tips provided here as a guide, you will definitely be on the way to getting high-quality sterling silver jewellery at a great price.

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