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6 Different Types of Slot Machines

30 Dec 2020, 04:51 GMT+10

There are a variety of gaming options that are offered by different casinos online. Out of which the slot games are the most demanding. Slot games are played on slot achiness that are of many types out of which the players can select the one playing on which machine they feel comfortable.

The basic rules and regulations of playing the game are so simple that even a novice player can easily play the game. If you want to be an expert in the field of gambling, then you can follow specific tips that will help you in increasing the chance of winning:

Bet the maximum amount:

There are different types of the machine out of which players mostly prefer multiple coin machine as multiple coins can be inserted in these machines and as a result, chances of winning gets doubled. In the case of slot games, it is better to invest the maximum amount so that your chances of winning get increased.

When you bet the maximum amount, then there are more chances of bonuses and other promotional offers.

Prefer playing with cash:

Playing slot games with cash is better than playing the game with a debit or credit card. Most of the slot machines are coin-based in all the casinos, but you can use money with the smaller denomination. While playing online casino games, just set a limit and make sure you invest a certain sum of money.

Know when to quit:

Playing slot game is a lot of fun. Set a certain goal before start playing the game. Decide in advance the amount of money and time you are willing to spend to increase your winning chances.

Just invest only that sum of money how much you can afford to spend.

Different types of slot machines:

There are different types of slot machines that are available in different casinos like slotxo. With the advancement in technology, now there are slot machines with more advanced technology. Just make the section the basis of the preference of the customers. They make sure that they select a machine playing to feel comfortable with increasing their chances of winning.

Selecting the right device for playing the various casino games is very important as it will increase the players' concentration, and they will play the game with full entertainment. Now we will discuss the various types of slot machines that will be a source of income for you:

Single coin machines:

These days, it is difficult to find this kind of machine as they are almost obsolete as these machines have been replaced by more advanced machines like multiple coin machines. As they provide more entertainment to the players and most of the player's primary consideration is having fun than having money.

Some gambling establishments like slotxo have these less modernized machines available as the players enjoy a classic spinning experience in these machines. The credits of the customers remain for more extended periods if they choose these machines.


These machines are also called multiple coin machines. These machines take more than one coin and have the payout ratio according to the number of coins played. These machines were first introduced in 1937, and after that, they have taken the place of single coins machines as they encourage the players to bet a more considerable sum of money, and their chances of winning increase.

For example, if a player bets one coin and hits three sevens, if they win, say $5. If the player bets two coins, they will win $10 if the reels of the machine show the same results.

In some of the casinos like slot xo they provide the facility of both the machines, but the players mostly prefer multiple coin machines as chances of winning are more in the case of these machines.

Buy-your-pay machines:

These types of machines are a little tricky, but they are not too complicated. They can be easily identified by just looking at the payout table of the device. Usually, one to five coins per spin are accepted by these machines. The number of winning combinations depends on the number of coins inserted in the machines.

It might also be the situation that there is a pre-set limit for the machine. Suppose a person has inserted one coin, then only if on spinning there are three bars will be considered the winner in other cases the player will not be considered the winner. There are different winning combinations according to the number of coins the player has inserted in the same way.

This type of machine is quite frustrating as whether the player will win depends on the number of coins the player has inserted.

Multiple payline machines:

This type of slot machine has only one payline right in the middle of the screen. The winning symbol must line up for the spin to be the winner; if the player wants to select a machine with more than one payline, he can prefer the machine out of other available options.

While selecting the machine, the player must keep in mind that more payline does not only mean that the chances of winning of the player increases, it might also result in losing chances of the player.

Progressive machines:

These machines represent the collection of slot machines that are used in paying a joint jackpot. In these machines, the amount of jackpot will continue to climb to a higher amount until the lucky player keeps on getting a winning combination. With the invention of online casinos, progressive machines have become more popular.

Big Berthas:

These are the largest slot machines that are usually seen in land-based casinos. They usually are placed on the casinos' entrance as they act as an exciting opportunity for the players. They contain three, four, or even more reels. They provide a high pay-out percentage to the players.


The slot game is one of the most famous types of online casino games. Players like spending time playing this game. With the advancement in technology, now the manufacturers have started implementing touch screen machines. The main screen is embedded in the shelf or the tables to provide resting time to the players' hands.

While making select of the machine provided by a various platform like slot xo, make sure that you consult an expert to make a better decision.

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