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7 Powerful Ways to Speed Up Your App Development Cycle

18 Feb 2021, 20:02 GMT+10

Did you know how long does it take to develop an app? Anywhere from three to nine months depending on the complexity of the app. This is a very long time in today's fast-paced world. With clients demanding apps within four to eight weeks, app developers have to find new ways to increase the speed of their app development process.

If you are a mobile app developer-facing similar problems then you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn about seven powerful ways in which you can accelerate your app development process and create more apps in lesser time.

1. Leverage Cross-Platform Tools

Developing an app for one platform is pretty straightforward. Things get tricky when you have to develop an app for multiple platforms. Since each platform requires its unique code, you have to different codes for every platform. This increases the time required for developing apps as increases the complexity of codebase management.

Cross-platform tools solve this problem by enabling mobile app developers to create cross-platform apps with a single code base. This means that app developers won't have to translate, rewrite and recompile your code when developing apps for different platforms. Cross-platform tools like Ionic, Flutter and Xamarin help you significantly reduce your app development time. That is why a professional app development companies Toronto uses these tools to deliver cross-platform apps quickly.

2. Create a Minimum Viable Product

Instead of waiting for app development project completion, you are better off creating a minimum viable product. Include all the key features and functions in that minimum viable product that you are planning to add to your mobile app and show it to clients as soon as it is ready. This allows you to collect useful feedback from clients and make the necessary changes according to client feedback. This goes a long way in creating an app that your customers will love.

Creating an MVP and sharing it with clients help you get stakeholders/clients/investors buy-ins. It is also a great way to test the business concept and evaluate market demand for your app. More importantly, it saves you from costly rework. MVP allows you to get the best return by investing little time and effort.

3. Wireframing

Another great way to put your ideas to test before writing code to create wireframes. It is basically a low fidelity visual representation of the app user interface. This also allows you to experiment with different design elements, structures and architectures.

Even if there are any underlying issues with any of these elements, you can identify them early and fix them before they can make their way to the final product. What's more, you can also bring all the stakeholders on the same page and develop a consensus. This minimizes the risk of misunderstandings and confusion, which can save a lot of your precious time.

Wireframe not only brings more clarity to your app development projects but it can also help you visualize and cater to all your user interaction and layout needs. This helps clients visualize what they really want and set the right expectations which save them from costly and time-consuming change requests later on in the project. Wireframe also allows you to set SMART project goals.

4. Adopt Agile Approach

'Work Smarter, not harder' You might have heard this advice on a number of occasions in your life but did you know that it also implements mobile app development. With clients demanding apps within weeks, app development cycles are shrinking. Instead of delivering the final product at the end of the project, the focus is shifting towards frequent incremental deliveries. That is where the agile approach to app development really shines through.

Since feedback is an integral part of agile methodology, you will receive constant feedback throughout your android app development cycle. This gives you more room to correct mistakes before it can hamper the user experience of app users. What's more, adopting an agile approach to app development means that you will not be wasting time on

5. Conduct Automated Testing

Application testing can take a lot of your time especially if you are doing it manually. The best way to speed up the testing process is to use automated testing methods. This allows you to conduct more tests in less time. With automated testing, you can run multiple tests concurrently which drastically reduces the time required to test mobile applications.

Automated testing offers many other advantages as well. Some of them are as follows:

  • Deliver faster results
  • Minimizes business expenses
  • Improves testing efficiency
  • Wider test coverage area
  • Faster defect detection

6. Prioritize Quality Assurance

One of the biggest mistakes of ios & android app developers make is they leave quality assurance to the end. Instead, you should conduct a quality assurance test after you achieve every milestone. Implement the same formula on code reviews as well. A study conducted by Smart Bear, you can save more than $150,000 by conducting frequent code reviews. You will have to spend this money on bug fixes if you don't do code reviews.

Make it a habit to check every element of your mobile app as soon as it is developed instead of leaving it to the end. You don't want any bugs and errors to become a bigger problem or get deeply ingrained into your app architecture which will make it harder to remove at a later stage in the app development cycle.

7. Take Advantage of Third Party Assets

Another common piece of advice you have received would be 'Don't reinvent the wheel'. This advice can come in handy when you have a tight deadline to meet. Instead of creating a mobile app from scratch, you can use third-party assets to get the ball rolling quickly. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

Finding these assets is not difficult either. Since they are part of a successful project,t you don't have to worry about its quality. You are literally getting a ready-made component, which you can drag and drop and it will work flawlessly, saving you from a lot of hassle during mobile app development.

Which tactics do you use to enhance the speed of your app development process? Let us know in the comments section below.

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