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Introduction to Workday Studio

03 May 2021, 18:33 GMT+10

Workday is an enterprise cloud-based software for Human Capital Management and Financial Management purposes. It is used as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Workday Studio is a powerful development tool from Workday for simplifying complicated enterprise integrations. This article introduces you to the Workday Studio platform and covers all the essential concepts you needed to master.

What is Workday Studio?

Workday Studio is a development tool from Workday that allows partners and customers to generate sophisticated integrations to and from Workday applications. Those integrations are operated and deployed in Workday's data center integration servers. Workday Studio provides a powerful graphical development environment for users to drag and drop reusable components, as well as a set of plugins to the Eclipse IDE.

Workday integrations are managed using packaged integrations like connectors. Workday supports Studio for this purpose, an IDE for integration developers.

In Workday Studio, the assembly framework gives all components needed like splitting, transforming, aggregating, anf streaming. Also, provides standard reports to Workday-In and Workday-Out transports.

If you want to master the advanced concepts of Workday Studio by Certified Workday Expert, enroll in this Workday Training.

Workday Studio Integration

Workday offers three integrations namely Cloud Connect Integration, EIB (Enterprise Information Builder) Integration, and Studio Integration. Cloud Connect is a perfect choice for a third party solution to which Workday already has a solution available. EIB is the best solution to import and export data into and out of workday. Workday Studio Integration comes into play for complicated integrations.

Advanced Workday Studio allows you to develop and deploy critical integrations that operate in Workday HR cloud. Through this, you can master web service and XML technologies like XSLT and XSD.

When to Use Workday Studio?

Workday Studio offers a large suite of capabilities to identify, develop and manage integration tasks. Organizations using Workday Studio must have faced any of the following requirements:

  • Various data sources and/or delivery requirements.
  • Requirement to build similar integrations for other services which also provide Eclipse-based development environments.
  • Complex change detection requirements.
  • Error handling scenarios and need ro manage differently to error situations.
  • Branching logic or complex looping depending on external variables or dynamic data.
  • Scalable, efficient processing of comprehensive data sets.
  • Necessity to enlarge with custom capabilities implemented in Spring, Java or a third party service.
  • Requirement for rigorous source code, ,ogging, debugging, unit testing, or other formal development disciplines.

How to install Workday Studio?

  • You can download and install a Workshop from the Workday Programmer Network (WDN) from Workday Community.
  • Double-click on the Studio setup file for installation and click on 'Next' to continue.
  • Go through the license and click on the 'Next' button to set up Workday Studio.
  • Choose the path for JDK installation and click on 'Next' option.
  • Enter the path to browse to the directory site where you wish to install Studio. And, then click on 'Next'.
  • Personalize the start menu folder as needed, or leave as default. Then Click 'Install'.
  • Finally, click on 'Finish' to complete the installation.
  • Workday Report Writer

    Workday Report Writer provides information about how Workday Business Objects and data sources can access the data reports. You'll learn to build custom reports that meet business needs from various functional areas. Custom reports analyses both real-time data and the data source for outbound integrations.

    Workday is designed for functional users and easy to use. Users can take necessary actions on report output from Report Ui and also reveal security configuration. In business transactions, embedded reports provide relevant data for making decisions. These reports can also be used for outbound integrations that are reported as a service and also can be viewed from mobile devices.

    Workday Studio Programming language

    As every enterprise application needs a programming language. Workday Studio also uses a variety of programming languages including Java, Python, Ruby, and Scala. Workday designs studio apps considering various things. In particular, there is a growing interest in functional programming languages and methods across Workday.

    Workday Studio best practices

    • Service Limits

    You need to consider below mentioned restrictions:

    • XPath operations are limited to a 1 MB size
    • In integrations, delivery and retrieval service cannot exceed 100 integration documents per integration run.
    • Custom reports cannot exceed 2 GB.

    • Scalability

    The best way to deal with scalability is to make your integrations scalable. Workday recommends you to split data before processing, and then aggregate or invoke a web page service.

    • Streaming

    Some assembly components have streaming turn off by default. You need to stream on, if you use them. For instance, to improve performance the stream-xpath property provides support for simple XPath expressions.

    Workday Studio Certification

    Workday Studio certification is a valuable industry certification that demonstrates your technical Studio skills. This exam uses industry best standards and practices to assess whether candidates' proficiency in Studio are met. This exam covers designing inbound integration, Studio architecture, Studio memory space, error handling, etc.


    Workday Studio is a perfect tool to watch out its features and the robustness that provides. With this we have come to the end of this article. We hope the information shared is helpful and added some value to your knowledge.

    If you want to master advanced Workday Studio concepts, check out this Workday Tutorial that covers everything you needed to know about Workday.

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