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Everything You Need to Know About Autopay Machine

26 Apr 2022, 08:33 GMT+10


Sometimes, sales and presales have become overwhelming tasks, as you can buy tickets and pay for them in cash or credit cards. The auto pay machines can be a good option for payment on foot machines that can support RFID or barcode requirements.

So if you want to know all about Auto pay machines in detail, read this valuable information.

Auto-pay Machines And Systems

The auto pay machines are also referred to as auto pay stations, pay and display machines, pay on foot stations and can be set up on the parking lot exit or any other proper location. However the auto pay machine offers self-services in the parking fee collection to the drivers. This system also provides auto, safety management, and humanized system to the parking lots.

It can work and accept coins, bills, bank cards, and other types of cards, also supporting mobile payments. Also it offers you a change in the form of coins and the bill receipt if you need it.

Therefore it is an online payment service that builds connections among the companies and billpayers by saving time and reducing hassle.

Features of the Autopay Machine

Compact and Modern Design

The auto pay machines come with a compact and modern design format to deal with the payment transactions in the parking management systems. You can opt for the payment method according to your needs to offer to your clients, like cash or credit cards.

Smooth and Reliable Process

The auto pay machine offers modern operating systems that ensure a smooth and reliable process at every payment station and high usability. On the side of the Auto pay machine , the advertising machine 19 inches can display the information and data. The parking lot manager can retain

the revenue in the 24 hours broadcasting advertisement procedures.

Convenient and Intuitive

In the auto pay machine processes, the end customer is always the decisive component in calculating and evaluating the parking management systems. So the operational machines should run with ease and intuitively to a great extent. The fully automatic system needs auto solutions without the involvement of any individual.

So to keep the automatic system simple, the investment in intuitive operability is an excellent option. The TFT screen is paired with a touch screen for comfort in the auto-pay machine systems.

Inflatable Design

Whether the auto pay machine is installed inside a building or in the open-air parking deck, it stands freely in the parking area in wet and windy conditions; it can function very well in the sun. Therefore, inflatable and robust housing is a requirement for a trusty overall system.

Influential All in One System

Auto-pay machines are considered the compact solution for the advanced and modern hand cashier systems in parking management. The PC-based payment systems are growing on-trend for the automatic calculation for the operation of many barcode ticket types and parking fees.

Moreover, the auto-pay machines and systems are power-packed and all-in-one systems equipped with advanced and modern touch technology and intuitive software, thus leading to optimal payments with ease. As the auto-pay systems come with a modular design, the system can be used with a wide variety of peripheral appliances like RFID readers and extremely legible exterior customer display. The 2D barcode feature is an innovative feature of the auto-pay machine as it can read both linear barcodes and QR codes.

Reduced User Errors

In the Auto pay machine, the reader for the 4-way processing of barcode tickets to upgrade the payment process is being used to enhance the overall output by minimizing user errors. The system also offers the control of pay with the help of TCC with the Linux operating system, Ethernet connection, and passive cooling.

Barrier-free Accessibility

The auto pay machines also operate through the barrier-free accessible control elements and options. The built-in touch functionality and TFT color screen upgrade the graphic user guidance.

Robust Housing

The housing of the auto-pay machines is made with a robust material like stainless steel, as it is integrated with the thermostatically controlled heating system and door; the base is made with the front panels and Plexiglas.

Multiple Car Parking Systems

The auto pay machine can be operated in the ANPR car parking system, entry ticket car parking system, and parking flap barrier to enforce the parking payment systems.

Versions of Autopay Machine

The auto pay machines and systems have three versions: cash more miniature, coinless, and credit cards.

  • The cashless 500 is a slim version for easy and convenient card payments.
  • The coinless auto-pay system comes with the foremost importance where the coins have to play no essential role in the routine transactions of the payment systems. Therefore, this auto-pay system is an ideal one. The parking client can opt for in between the insertion of the banknotes and card systems.
  • Thirdly, the card systems in the auto-pay machine are considered the full range of functions, as with these systems, the clients can be able to pay with the regular credit cards, coins, banknotes, and debit cards. Yet, the banknote recycler is unified into the connecting pay cash and cards for banknotes' coin processing and running. The banknote recycler also makes sure to change the option in issuing banknotes.

There are many functions for operating the parking management systems in all three versions of the auto-pay machine discussed above. These standard versions and units can be modified and upgraded for particular fields of application. One of the essential parts of the auto-pay machine is the TFT color screen to display the information and data like rates and advertisements in video format.

Final Verdict

To wrap up about autopay machines, it does not deny that it has offered an intelligent parking payment platform to solve the concerns faced by car owners. This system aims to give convenience, fast and resilient entry, exit from the parking lot, and last but not least, to offer practical and stable management in addition to the essential data and information about the users.

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