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Must Know These 5 Instagram Features for Influencers

29 Mar 2023, 17:13 GMT+10

In the modern era of social media, each platform has its perks to offer to users, which makes it dominant over the others for a certain market or type of content. Surprisingly, when the popular social media platform, Instagram, crossed 2 billion users, it became the go-to platform for influencers and content creators. 

Why Instagram is the Best Option for Influencers in 2023?

As per many surveys conducted, Instagram is one of the most suitable platforms for influencers, content creators, and marketers. The photos and videos app provides users access to a wide range of up-to-date and ever-changing features that allow them to enhance and track their outreach, partner with businesses and other influencers, and create sustainable businesses.

Changing Algorithms of Instagram and the Need of Updated Features 

But at the same time, Instagram keeps updating its algorithms, which makes it challenging for influencers to keep track of. In response to the changes, one's marketing strategies and outreach programs must adapt to the new trends. If left unconsidered, it can have a huge impact on an influencer's following and growth. 

5 Instagram Features for Influencers 

Hence, to prevent that from happening, we are here today to discuss the top five Instagram features that all influencers and digital creators should know about. Once you master these, you won't need to buy Instagram likes or buy 1000 Facebook post likes to enhance your growth. So if you are a content creator or wish to become one, continue reading. 

Feature #1: Instagram Reels 

One of the newest features launched by Instagram recently is the in-built reels in the application. Insta Reels are short and precise 60-second videos. They act as a new creative tool for influencers and digital content creators to showcase their talents and skills or products and services offered by their business. 

One can add video effects, and background audio and use in-built editing features to enhance their Reels and connect with their followers. In short, there is no limit to creativity. Keep these Reels short and snappy to enhance your exposure. 

You will be surprised to know that many influencers claim that posting Reels regularly has led to significant growth in their engagement rate and followers. 

Here are a few tips on creating Instagram Reels.

  • Keep them short, upbeat, and interactive.
  • Adding text to the first clip of the Reel is important.
  • Use trendy songs and background sounds.
  • Allow Facebook to share your Reels as well. 

Feature #2: Instagram Live

The sole purpose of Instagram is to help people connect. It is a social media platform that promotes communication via photos and videos. It is best for digital content creators who wish to express themselves using images.

But, at the same time, it is in human nature to crave human interaction. And that is exactly what the Instagram 'Live' features provide. It allows influencers to have face-to-face, real-time, interactive communication with their followers. 

During the Live session, your viewers can comment on your live feed, share their reactions, and also ask questions. The one-on-one interaction makes the viewers feel special. This helps strengthen the bond that one has as an influencer with his/her followers. 

Tips to benefit from the Instagram Live feature;

  • Schedule your live sessions in advance. Let your followers know when you will be available to create hype and give them a chance to clear their calendars. 
  • Use the live sessions to share live moments with your followers. Such as your engagement party, graduation day, moving-in process, morning routine, etc. This makes the followers feel like they are a part of your special journey. 
  • Greet your viewers during the live sessions. Ask questions and request feedback to make your viewers feel important. 
  • Remember, being live means no filters. Don't hold back. Be yourself and showcase your personality. Show your unedited life to your followers. 
  • Collab with other influencers and businesses on Instagram to enhance your engagement and outreach. 

Feature #3: Instagram Stories 

As per the official sources of Instagram, the 24-hour story feature has become one the largest drivers of engagement on the app. And for influencers, engagement is the key to growth. The more your content reaches out to your followers, the higher the engagement rate.

So how does it work? Well, it's simple. Instagram's 'stories' feature allows you to share photos and videos which can be accessed from your profile picture and disappear after 24 hours. Using the feature, you can share your everyday candid content and showcase your personality.

You will be surprised to notice how much your followers wish to know about your everyday lifestyle. Remember, for them you are a celebrity. The more you engage with them, the more they engage with you. 

If you are an Instagram user, you would probably know the wide range of in-built features which are available on Insta Stories. If not, then here is a list of different features that it has to offer; 

#1: Highlights 

This feature allows you to pin your Insta stories in your profile so your followers can access them even after 24 hours. They are great for sharing important and life-inspiring moments with your followers. 

#2: Questions & Polls 

You can use this feature to get real-time responses from your followers regarding a question such as, how many of them have used the Instagram profile downloader? Many content creators use this feature to get feedback and get an insight into what type of content their audience is interested in. 

#3: Emoji Slider

This feature is an enhanced version of the poll-style feature. Instead of using words, your followers can use an emoji of their choice to express their opinion on a question that you might have asked. Not only that, but they can also adjust the slider between 0% to 100% to express its intensity. 

#4: AR Filters 

Augmented reality is the future which is why Instagram has it integrated into its story feature. Using the wide variety of AR filters that the platform has to offer, you can enhance engagement, build a brand image and create awareness. 

#5: Link Sticker 

This feature is best for collaborations. Using this, you can add a special link in your Instagram story to certain websites, profiles, or blog posts. It works best when you wish to highlight your brand, businesses you work with, podcasts you listen to, and more. 

Feature #4: Instagram Collabs 

The Instagram Collab feature is one of the most used features at present by influencers who frequently collaborate with businesses and other influencers. The feature allows you to invite other users to collaborate and highlights them as co-authors on a post.

Since, from the platform's point of view, both you and the collaborator are the co-creators of the content, hence when you post it on your Instagram Feed, it appears as a post on the feed of the collaborator as well. 

In short, this feature adds credibility to your content. You can highlight your niche, build strong relationships with businesses and add exposure to your content. 

Tips for using the Instagram Collab; 

  • Partner with businesses that share your interest.
  • Use it to highlight matters and causes that are special to you. 
  • Reach out professionally to brands before sending them a collaboration request. 

Feature #5: Enhanced Analytics 

As an influencer, your main goal is to reach out to as many viewers as possible. To do so, you need to have a marketing strategy that depends on your content, engagement rate, and growth. 

Unlike other websites and applications where you need to use external tools to monitor your growth, Instagram offers business and creator accounts, the feature to track their engagement analytics in real-time. 

Using the feature, you can get a detailed insight into the demographics of your followers, impressions, engagement rate, no of accounts reached, unfollows, and growth in terms of followers. 

Each metric further provides more details, which allows you to adjust your marketing and content-creating strategy accordingly and make informed decisions regarding your upcoming digital media campaigns.

Sadly, you won't be able to track the number of times an Instagram profile downloader has been used to download your content. 

Takeaway: Instagram's 5 Best Features for Influencers 

 As an influencer, your main objective is to grow your community and that is exactly what Instagram's enhanced features offer. So, instead of going for marketing agencies that offer services like, 'buy Instagram likes' or 'buy 1000 Facebook post like', use these features to enhance your engagement rate and following.

Hope this post helps you reach out to your followers and build a strong and constructive communicative bond that makes you a community.

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