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A fireplace makes a commercial building feel like home. But did you know that choosing the wrong fireplace can make your building look dated?

But don't fret; everyone knows that it can be hard to make fireplace decisions. This is especially because long gone are the days when there were only two types of fireplaces to choose from.

So what are some of the common fireplace shopping errors that commercial building owners make? And how can you avoid making these mistakes? Well, keep reading on to learn all about them.

  1. Not Reading Online Reviews

Online reviews can provide information about a fireplace's quality and ease of installation. They can be key when determining if it is the right model or design for the commercial building.

Furthermore, reading online reviews will allow you to make an informed decision. Doing so can help avoid any costly issues that come along with purchasing a low-quality, difficult-to-install, or inefficient model.

You won't have to blindly go into a store and rely on a salesperson to guide you. You will have the knowledge and the capacity to determine which types of fireplaces are best suited for your space.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Fuel Type

When shopping for a fireplace for commercial buildings, it is important to note that the wrong fuel type can lead to many issues. Taking the time to understand the types of fuel available and the benefits each offers is key. The most common fuel types are gas, electric, and wood.

A commercial gas fireplace is easy to use and needs little maintenance. Electric options require virtually no maintenance. Wood-burning fireplaces create a cozy ambiance while requiring more maintenance.

Understanding the benefits of each fuel type and the environment of the commercial building is vital. It will allow you to select the fireplace that fits the needs of your commercial building.

  1. Not Knowing How Much Heat You Need to Produce

This mistake can cost you both time and money if not properly assessed. So you should check for local climate conditions and research the type of fireplace best suited for the climate you live in. It will help determine the optimal amount of heat that your building requires.

You should also calculate the size of the space that needs heating. Then, consider people's capacity, ceiling height, and other unique features. Speak with a professional to ensure that you have the correct sized fireplace capable of producing the necessary heat output.

Doing the proper research before purchasing a fireplace is essential. It will not only ensure that you invest in the right product but also maintain the performance and quality of your building.

  1. Ignoring Proper Venting and the Right Accessories

Without the proper venting, smoke and fumes from the fire will not be properly exhausted and could cause an indoor air quality hazard. Without the proper accessories, a fire may not draw correctly. It may even create an exhaust that is poorly vented, risking the individuals' safety.

So before selecting a fireplace, research the type and size of the building that this device is being installed in. Compare against the size of the fire and the space available for a flue or vent.

Make sure the fireplace is the right size for the room in which it is being placed. Then, select accessories specifically made for that fireplace.

  1. Failure to Consult Local Regulations

Fireplaces in commercial buildings must meet certain codes for safety and environmental requirements. So you must consult those regulations during the purchase process.

Additionally, neglected chimney maintenance is a major factor in a code violation. So you should make sure that the chimney is safe to use before buying. If you're looking for guidance, a local inspector can typically offer insight into the appropriate regulations.

Another essential step is to discuss any liability issues that may impact the purchase. This includes proper insurance coverage for damage or injury caused by a commercial fireplace.

All these issues can be addressed by consulting local regulations during the purchase process. By being aware of the local codes and safety protocols, you can make informed decisions to avoid any violations or damages in the future.

  1. Not Factoring In a Building's Style

You always need to consider the placement of the fireplace and the style of the building when shopping. Failure to do so can lead to expensive and time-consuming errors.

For example, dark-colored fireplaces might look great against a light-colored wall. But may seem overwhelming in a modern or sleekly designed building. Light-colored fireplaces would suit more traditional buildings better.

A fireplace that complements the existing design will be more pleasing to the eye and look far nicer in the room. So it is best to research the style of the building and find out its appropriate fireplace styles.

It might also be helpful to consult an interior designer to better understand the features of the building and its surroundings.

  1. Going Over Budget

Going over budget can happen for many reasons. It can be because of inadequate research about the product or simply overspending on high-end features.

The best way to avoid this kind of error is to begin the shopping process with an accurate budget in mind. Calculate the total cost, taking into account all materials and fireplace installation process fees. And lastly, comparing fireplace costs is one thing you should never forget so you can find the best price point.

Avoid These Common Fireplace Shopping Errors Today

It's essential to be aware of common fireplace shopping errors before investing in a new fireplace for your building. These mistakes may not be irreversible and can be immensely costly. So follow our tips above and ensure that you get the best deal for your buck.

If you need more help, contact an experienced contractor who is the best resource for guidance and advice. Utilize all the resources you need so you can nail your building's fireplace the first time around.

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